Wishing you all a wonderful summer!



We have extended our hours! We are now open until 7:30 pm on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings making it easier for busy women to take care of their health!



We have a new venture!  Bloom Wellness Studio!  Check it out! Offering Massage, Nutrition Care and Education, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Meditiation, Usui Reiki, Integrative Health Coaching and Yoga!



Check our website for Bloom Wellness Studio at


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We are so excited to bring Bloom Wellness Studio to our patients, community and Southwest Wake County!


Helping us to be happy from the inside out with offering the following: 


Meditation and Mindfulness to keep us in the present, empowering us to reduce our stress using our own minds


Yoga in small groups that strengthen your muscles, improve your balance and range of motion plus refresh your mind!


Massage that is above and beyond! Offerings that create relaxation reduce fatigue, stress and depression, working structural concerns , pain, tension and improve range of motion.


Nutritional counseling that informs and cheers you along whether you are working on the basics of healthy eating, working on weight loss or fine tuning an updated lifestyle!