We are contracted with most major insurance carriers. It is the patient's responsibility to understand their benefits, including but not limited to: co-payment amount, services covered, and pre-authorizations needed. The office file insurance as a courtesy; however the patient is ultimately responsible for all medical fees relating to care. Payment/Co-payment is due at time of appointment.

 Appointments/Telephone Calls

 You may contact our office to set up an appointment for your personalized care. We offer both gynecology and primary care routine examination appointments, urgent care visits for primary care and women’s health concerns. We reserve a number of urgent care  appointments daily and endeavor to see you as promptly as possible for all of your care needs. We have a reputation for taking the necessary time to listen, to answer your questions, to carefully examine and evaluate your physical and emotional health and explain your condition and treatment options available while you are in our office. Often your concerns are best addressed in person therefore allowing for a thorough assessment and face to face interchange with you. We limit the amount of phone time spent discussing patient care or prescribing medication without being seen in the office. We feel that personalized care in an office setting enables us to fully recognize and respond to your health care needs.


 Late Cancellation/No-Show Appointments

 At Magnolia Women's Health we have a 24 hour cancellation policy. Please call us as promptly as possible if you cannot meet with us  at your appointed time. We reserve an ample amount of time for each of our patient's appointments, depending on their need. We do not ‘double book’ our schedule so that we are not rushed when we meet with you and are attentive to your needs. Because of this we must strictly enforce a $50 late cancellation or no-show fee for all appointments not cancelled within 24 hours. This is a fee that your health insurance company does not cover. Please call us as promptly as possible if you cannot meet with us at your appointed time.

 Medical Records Release 

 We are happy to share your health information with all approved recipients at your request and with your written permission. In order for our office to release your medical records to another provider for sharing of information, transfer of care or for life or health insurance coverage, we require a signed medical record release form. We strive to release these records in a timely fashion, please allow 1 week for completion. There may be a minimum fee of $10.00; additional fees may be assessed depending upon number of pages to be released. All records will be transferred upon receipt of payment to Magnolia Women's Health. For convenience, and to expedite records release, patients may make this payment over the phone with a major credit card.




 At Magnolia Woman's Health we believe your privacy is important. To meet these needs our policies follow the guidelines set forth by Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. 



 Magnolia Women's Health offers the convenience of faxing in or e-prescribing your prescriptions to the patient's pharmacy of choice.  Please help us maintain accurate information by updating your preferences at your appointments or by going onto your patient portal  site and updating your demographics information. We can keep a record of your choice for both a local pharmacy as well as a mail  order pharmacy. Just let us know your choices.

 If you are prescribed a medication when you are seen at your appointment we will offer to fax or e-prescribe your prescription to your  pharmacy. You may also have the option of a printed out prescription and, in fact, some prescriptions must be provided in written form only. Your provider will supply you with the proper amount and number of refills that your care requires. You may be provided with a limited number of refills if your plan of care requires a follow up appointment to monitor your condition and your response to medication treatment(s). If you are out of refills for your medication it is likely that a return visit was planned. Please call our office to schedule your follow up care. Occasionally temporary refills can be provided depending upon your need and plan of care.

 We do not accept refill requests from your pharmacy whether they are automatic, by telephone, fax or emails. We will respond to requests from your pharmacy for clarification of current prescriptions. Call or email us personally if you need information about your medication, plan of care or to obtain prescription refills.

 If your provider approves a refill for a medication please allow 24-48 hours for your request to be processed and telephoned, faxed or  e-prescribed to your pharmacy. Requests called in after hours will be considered when the office re-opens for business the following  day. Remember we can only be accurate if you have provided us with accurate pharmacy information. We are unable to fill prescriptions that we have not previously provided for you. Generally, an appointment with our providers will be scheduled prior to honoring these medication prescription requests.


 Treatment of Minors


 Providers and medical staff will provide care to minor patients at Magnolia Women’s Health. Any minor child who comes to the office alone must bring a note from a parent/legal guardian stating that their permission is given to treat their child.  A note must be provided for each visit.  Parents/legal guardians accompanying a minor patient to their appointment must arrive and stay the length of the visit. 


 If someone other than the parent has custody of the patient, a copy of the court decree must be provided.

 Any minor under 18 years of age may be tested and informed of the results for sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy without the consent of a parent/legal guardian.


Additional Fees:


A $50.00 No Show or Late Cancellation (less than a 24 hour) fee will be charged to the patient if they do not keep a scheduled appointment. Health insurance plans will not cover these fees and the patient is solely responsible for them.


A Returned Check fee of $ 25.00 will be charged to the patient if a Non-Sufficient Fund check is written to the practice. 


An additional $20 fee may be charged for completion of forms for use outside of the patient's medical record, including:


  • Day Care

  • Pre-Employment

  • Employment

  • Life Insurance.

  • Family Medical Leave